Discover our Multimodal Transport Services

Ariva Logistics is not merely a freight forwarder specializing in direct air and ocean transportation; we are also specialized in transport combination providing substantial savings on overall transport expenses for the exporters and importers.

For those customers who find, traditional ocean too slow, airfreight too fast and expensive in some trade lanes, for those customers who have missed the ocean transportation cut off, Ariva Logistics has the right solutions for you. To avoid paying storage charges when shipments arrive too early and not lose shelf life of products when shipments remain on sea, Ariva Logistics provides multimodal alternative with reasonable transit time and competitive pricing. The customer for the whole transport combination of one’s shipment with 2 modes of transport receives a single multimodal transport document. This reduces any potential hurdle in any document negotiation with the banks or other authorities.

We have designed 2 different multimodal solutions:

  • Air-Sea Solution
  • Sea-Air Solution

Effective Routes :

  • Sea-Air from Madagascar to Europe and USA via Mauritius
  • Air-Sea from Europe, China, and South East Asia to Reunion Island and Madagascar via Mauritius

Ariva is capable to provide alternative routings and evaluate other modes of transport combination with substantial cost reduction depending on customer requirements.