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A forwarder contracts with carriers shipping lines or airlines to move different types of cargo from origin to destination. Freight can be moved on a variety of shipping modes including ships, planes, trucks and railway networks but subject to booking with the carriers. A Freight forwarder, in addition of offering local/domestic cargo services, it can also provide international freight services.

The consignor (or shipper) is the person who is the originator of the shipment. A consignee is the person who is the receiver of the shipment.

Yes your freight needs to be packaged and/or palletized, it is the shipper’s responsibility for packaging the goods. Shrink wrap, corrugated boxing, palletizing and strapping or banding is the most common type of pack.

In most cases, you can estimate your weight. But be aware that the carrier can and will adjust the weight, which will determine your final cost. The final weight is known as the “chargeable weight”. For Air Freight, chargeable weight may be the dimensional weight if greater than the gross weight of the shipment and vice versa.

Yes, air freight is based on both the actual weight and chargeable weight of the cargo.

There is a special formula.

Just give us all three dimensions (Length x Width x Height) and we will calculate the chargeable weight for you.

This varies depending on the airline and aircraft to be used for the transportation, so please ask us.

We will provide you with the necessary paperwork for customs clearance, once custom is done, you can go to the warehouse to pick up the cargo.

We also advise you to check with destination Customs rules and regulations prior to shipment departure.

Yes, we have our representatives and agents who are delighted to assist you wherever you are.

Please check with us, they will be able to help you for any Logistics Solutions.

Yes, please provide your door address, and we will work out the cost accordingly.

There may be airport fees, warehouse fees, custom clearance charges, duty/tax and door delivery charges.

Airport fees, warehouse fees, Customs Clearance charges, duty/taxes and door delivery charges may be applicable etc.

Subject to proper documentation, prior to shipment arrival/departure, an airport to airport or port to port shipment may take 2-4 days while a door to door may take between 5-7 days.

Yes, there are some items which are restricted and some are accepted under certain conditions, they consists of hazardous, flammable, dangerous, chemicals. Please call on our freight consultants and they will assist you.

Yes. We have a full fledge local packing & removals team & a worldwide network of agents abroad to assist you for your removals requirements. Please contact us for any assistance.

We will send you some paperwork to fill in accordingly.

We will try to arrange your cargo pickup to meet your schedule.

LCL and air freight shipment rates are based on volume or gross weight, whichever is greater. In order to calculate the volume of a shipment, the dimensions of each piece are required. If the volume weight exceeds the actual gross weight, the shipment is rated at the volume weight. If the volume weight is less than the actual weight, the shipment is rated at the actual weight.

As a Freight forwarder company, we provide single-source logistics to and from representing countries in the world. We have our agents and representatives in every major trading market. We provide control and reliability of the process through our online tracking capabilities. Our experienced staff will instill the confidence you look for in a reliable freight forwarding company in handling all of your transport and logistics requirements. We can provide highly competitive rates through our leveraged volume agreements.

Yes, we have regular consolidation services both inbound and outbound and we are delighted to assist you. YOU TELL US THE ORIGIN, WE SHOW YOU THE WAY.